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Romy Streep

Tsubo Niwa gives a clear insight into the definition of a garden and its potential. 
On the one hand you’ve got niwa, meaning “garden”. On the other, tsubo. One meaning of tsubo is an area equal to two tatami mats or about 3.3 square meters. Most Tsubo gardens are small, some only a few square meters, but the implication of this definition is that the tsubo garden is very small. So one way to think about the tsubo garden is in terms of its size. A second meaning of tsubo brings a new dimension to the garden. In this case tsubo means a vessel, usually ceramic, such as a large water jug. 
Now we see the tsubo garden not just as a tiny garden, but a three-dimensional space, a volume that is held between the walls of surrounding rooms. So in this case, the Tsubo garden is contained inside a building, like a jewel in a box. There is a third way to write Tsubo that brings the garden out of a purely physical definition and in the realm of the spiritual. There is a belief, in most countries influenced by Chinese culture, in Ki or “life energy”. A force that flows through the body. And along its lines of flow there are special points. In Japanese these points are called, tsubo. Here in I found the true definition of “my garden”. A place to take a moment, a breath. 
Hidden between the noisy streets of Brusselles lays my garden. Made from wool and ceramic.

25.03 - 06.05.23 

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