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Ballroom Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Brussels, Belgium. It is a joint venture between DMW Gallery and Base-Alpha Gallery, both established galleries in Antwerp, Belgium. The gallery opened its doors in September 2021 and is located in the prestigious Rue Royale in Brussels. The space provides an opportunity for the two galleries to expand their artistic horizons by bringing in artists and exploring new territories.


Ballroom Gallery aims to create a dynamic and innovative exhibition space that showcases the unique visions of both galleries. By inviting two artists each, they want to encourage experimentation and collaboration. This approach can result in two separate solo shows, a duo exhibition, or a more intensive collaboration. Furthermore, it creates an interesting dialogue between the artworks.


Besides its regular operations, Ballroom Gallery also creates space to support up-and-coming artists with the ‘Ballroom Invites’ program. The initiative provides valuable opportunities for this young generation, as well as a professional platform to present their work to a wider audience, thereby stimulating the development of an artistic practice. Moreover, by bringing together different generations of artists, the gallery creates space for different voices and perspectives to be heard and seen. 


Ballroom Gallery offers a fresh perspective on contemporary art, and its collaborative approach and commitment to supporting both established and emerging artists make it an exciting addition to the art world.

Contact Us

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Koningsstraat 119-123 Rue Royale
1000 Brussels

Wednesday — Saturday
12.00 — 18.00

Director Ballroom & DMW Gallery

0032 494 999 809


Director Ballroom & Base-Alpha Gallery

0032 476 620 317


Assistant Ballroom Gallery / Ballroom Project
Sam Morjau

Website by Yasmin Van der Rauwelaert

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