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Lucie Lanzini

Lucie Lanzini’s body of work shows a hidden reality behind the appearance of things. Her work opens a reflection on the domestic space and its architectural components, on what holds and what sticks. Her work consists of a set of architectural and ornamental elements whose realization and realism intrigues as much as their potential to become ruined. Through the moulding technique, Lanzini evokes the relation to memories and tries to capture their absence to memorialize them. Passionate about the play of material, the artist combines different techniques of sculpture to create the discrepancies and oppositions that punctuate her work.

She pays particular attention to everyday forms for their capacity to evoke and summon memories. In her studio, Lanzini manufactures the works herself by gathering in each sculpture with the physical help of rough handling materials (tools, adhesive tapes for packaging, straps, etc.). An eclectic repertoire of items (objects, animals, furniture, ornamentation, details of architecture, ropes, etc)is important for her attempt to reveal a reality hidden behind the appearance of things. Through the process of sculpting, the original elements are retained, as well as their traces and their footprints.

13.05 – 24.06.2023

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