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SWAB Art Fair

Daan Peeters

Romy Streep

Ruben Raveel

Kaspar Dejong

Making an impressive entry at the SWAB Art Fair in Barcelona, Ballroom Gallery introduces the works of four emerging artists - Romy Streep, Daan Peeters, Ruben Raveel, and Kaspar Dejong. Recognized for its contemporary finesse, Ballroom Gallery's debut at the event unveils a rich and diverse collection that embodies the forefront of contemporary art. Showcasing a discerning eye for up-and-coming talent, the gallery's booth pulsates with the creative fervor of these exceptional young artists.

The seamless convergence of each artist's distinctive style within the booth's dynamic layout promises an immersive experience for both art enthusiasts and collectors.

05.10.23 - 08.10.23

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