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Benjamin Volckaerts

"unmatched"is an exhibition of Banjamin Volckaerts, it is a story about an unexpected event in a village far away from what is known to mankind. 

Since last summer the village has been plagued by an enormous monster that lives in the shadows. After sunset, no one even dares to look outside, let alone step a foot into the darkness Since no bodies were ever found, there were whispers about the monster that it did not only kill but also devoured its victims. The village trembled in fear. 

5 of the bravest warriors of the village were summoned to find and slaughter the mysterious creature. 

The upcoming fortnight would serve as the ideal moment to execute the beast and free the village from these tortuous events. The warriors prepared themselves for the worst. 

The day of doom came sooner than expected. At dusk, all the villagers began to hide in their homes as pure evil lurked around the corner. The warriors assembled in the main square of the city and braced themselves for battle. Unfortunately, they discovered that all their preparations were in vain. 

The warriors launched attack after attack after attack but the monster did not even seem to blink 

They fought with all of their strength, but alas. Wounded, exhausted and hopeless, they realized the beast’s strength was not even waning and that they couldn’t instill the slightest bit of fear into the ruthless savage.
So they ran. 
And kept running, for their lives.  
They tried to outrun from the monster but what they encountered afterwards was even more disastrous. 

Sometimes you are afraid of something, simply because the thought of it has already become an invincible monster in your own mind.

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