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Nadia Naveau 

Denitsa Todorova 

In the very free and fluid symbiosis between Todorova's drawings and Naveau's sculptures, both artists find an interesting look at their own work; a new layer of perception and meaning; a mental note. The joint exhibition Note to Self highlights points of contact between the artists (such as the sculptural potential of drawing and the sketchiness of clay) and allows the works, in their total freedom, to complement each other. This text can merely be an attempt to put into words why both oeuvres function so well together aesthetically. Their connection does not arise on an academic or rational level, but in an intuitive, emotional togetherness. Their mutual conversation is reflected in the unique, demarcated space of the gallery and reveals reverberating echoes. In this aesthetic echo, new openings arise to the imagination of the viewer and possibly also of the artists themselves.

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