Ballroom Gallery

Ileana Moro


Ileana Moro (°1992)
Costa Rica. Self-Taught.

lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ileana Moro’s artworks are mainly recognized for her use of dark tones, which want to expose the depths and layers of experiences as an instinctive relationship to the invisible things. Her work evokes a place of spiritual yearning, uninhabited, and at the border between life and mystery, with a touch of romanticization that inevitably appears in her process, buried within her daily life. From her point of existence, human beings are constantly being created – in the process of cognition, emotional expression, and all of those self-construction processes, soul development and unfolding. For her it is evident that there is a constant that is beyond what the rational world could offer, and that the intervention of awareness from the higher cosmos is present in each individual.

Some of her works represent abstract themes and isolated forms interacting within each other to achieve intimate emotional issues such as loneliness, grief, mental states, love and spiritual transfiguration to awaken the soul, the unseen. She provokes the one who looks or the one who feels.

Moro seeks to achieve a balance through the transformation from shadow to light, believing that the shadow is a dark omen. A powerful teacher.

Her work takes various forms, such as flat, three-dimensional, photography, and text.