Ballroom Gallery

Che Go Eun

(b. 1988), lives and works in Brussels & Antwerp, Belgium and Seoul, Korea

I create digital collages, drawings, 3D models, games design applications and VR animation. My inspiration comes from love, video games, manga, anime, internet, folklore and mythology. I am drawn to the subject of ‘forgotten women’. I research about historical female characters from west and asia (Seon-nyeo, Kumiho, and Fiere Margriet etc.), and collage them relate to everyday occurrences.

I am a ‘traditional digital artist’. There are two meanings behind my self coined term. Firstly, I was trained in Korean traditional painting and secondly, I grew up within a digital and internet culture. From a young age (I was 7 years old when I first started drawing with Microsoft Paint) I was interested in combining the traditional skills of drawing within a digital context. Having experienced the first home internet-with a phone line, I have a unique relationship to the pre and post digital age that is also characteristic to my artistic practice.