Ballroom Gallery

Carole Mousset

(b. 1994), lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Carole’s work carries a vision of the body as a fluid container in constant mutation. A personal experience of illness when she was a teenager modified her own body perception, at an important time of identity construction. By presenting a subjective approach of the inner body exploration, she proposes visions of reality distorted by her own history, but also her fleshy fantasies.

Inspired by what David Cronenberg calls « the creative cancer » (to adopt the disease’s point of view filming the body), she aims to represent the world through an organic prism, and attempts to express a vision of what surrounds her as a wounded and sick body. These kinds of new forms of dissections are part of what she calls the body gaze.

She depicts an environnement wavering between a gore aesthetic and something more soft and fantastic. It’s always about trying to find a balance between attraction and revulsion, erotism and disgust, to express a certain form of body emancipation with fluids freed from epidermal barrier.

These kinds of sensory issues also brings technical questions : how to paint the inherent movement of fluids ? How to represent viscous liquids and living matter ?