Ballroom Gallery


25.03 - 06.05.23

Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen

What is in-between?

Interstice is a reflection on what is within. A room in a room, inside the wall is a space; the space inside is the place for reflections, space for thoughts.
Transparent and elusive, this installation has the potential to render absence noticeable, to render emptiness tangible.

In the Japanese language Ma is an “aesthetic principle meaning “emptiness” or “absence.” It is the space between objects, the silence between sounds, or the stillness between movements. The term describes both time and space, and is much more than a “lack” of something. The emptiness is, in fact, a palpable entity¹”.

¹ Lanki, Colleen. “間: an aesthetic of space-time”, ricepaper magazine, 7 February 2013,間-an-aesthetic-of-space-time/