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Filip Collin

Gunther Segers

Charlot Van Geert

Yorgos Maraziotis

Geoffrey de Beer

Tom Volkaert


Join us for a captivating showcase where we bring together a curated selection of artists who draw inspiration from light objects for their innovative creations. Featuring the talents of Charlot van Geert, Filip Collin, Tom Volkaert, Gunther Segers, Yorgos Maraziotis, and Geoffrey de Beer, this exhibition promises to ignite your imagination and stimulate your senses .

Dialogue and duality are two key aspects in the practice of Yorgos Maraziotis. The artist, born in Greece, but now settled in Antwerp, works with painting, sculpture and installation to research the spaces we inhabit, the (hi)stories we pass on and the aesthetics of our lives and environments. With dialogue as an artistic process and by opposing different perspectives within his work, searches to engage in a certain ambiguity. What art can show us, and what Maraziotis strives to communicate, is that there is not one truth. There are many truths, depending on context, perspective, memory. With his work, he hopes to generate a surprising insight, a question or realization we didn’t know was accessible.

Charlot challenges conventional wisdom by reshaping our perceptions of everyday objects. With a penchant for subversive techniques and unconventional materials like cardboard and foam, Van Geert blurs the lines between art and utility, inviting viewers to question the boundaries of artistic expression


Filip Collin, a visual artist from Antwerp, crafts immersive artworks that blend shapes and colors in playful harmony. His journey from Sint Lucas to the Royal Academy shaped his rejection of black ink in favor of vibrant hues and diverse materials. Each element in Collin's compositions is carefully chosen to evoke a specific feeling, reflecting a meticulous yet free-spirited approach. His art invites us into a world where suspended shapes spark memories and emotions—a celebration of form and color, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the undefined.


Geoffrey de Beer's thought-provoking oeuvre challenges the traditional norms of the art world, inviting viewers to reconsider the context in which art is displayed and interpreted. His continuous exploration of dialogue and experimentation pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.


Gunther Segers fearlessly taps into primal instincts in his artistic endeavors, unafraid to jest at himself or the world. While not strictly sexual in nature, his pieces often allude to the phallic, though not in the context of gender, but rather as a symbol of humanity. Laden with introspection and candor, his art doesn't hesitate to challenge conventional perspectives. Like the artist himself, his creations invite discourse and debate, embracing the role of provocateur with openness.


Tom Volkaert (°1989) embraces the spontaneity of his creative process, incorporating broken elements and found objects into his dynamic sculptures. His work reflects the fast-paced rhythms of contemporary society while offering a deeply personal perspective on the world around us.

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