Ballroom Gallery

Veronika Pot

Veronika Pot's photographs always return to an analogous representation of nature. In her earlier series she often used a Camera Obscura to introduce an alienating character in her images. The blurred corners, sharp center and strong contrasts could almost be smartphone filters applied to her photos. Yet it is all carefully developed and printed in the darkroom.

Veronika Pot's process is about transforming images. Capturing moments to remember them again and processing them selectively and fragmentarily into new images. The original image has often become unrecognizable and raises the question of the context in which it originated. They are landscapes, trees, sea, rocks, ... that Pot tries to 're-view', 're-memorize' and 're-visualize' – often with references throughout the art history of landscape painting and land art.

©Tamara Beheydt