Ballroom Gallery

Denie Put

°1991. Lives and works in Antwerp

Denie Put describes his own paintings as ‘labyrinths of layers’. Most of his paintings show an underlying relief or texture, created by many layers of previous attempts and experiments on the canvas. He is guided by a variety of materials, ranging from oil paint, ink and acrylic to ballpoint pen, pencils, and paint rollers. Recurring elements resembling stone, wooden or metal structures bring a sculptural character to the paintings. Throughout a plethora of influences, ranging from Dalí and Ernst to Léger, Denie creates a unique and contemporary visual language. He is always looking to discover what paint can mean, on the canvas, as well as beyond it: for example, by experimenting with painted bell jars, or by adding a mural in the exhibition space.

©Tamara Beheydt