Denitsa Todorova

°1984, lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium

The evocative drawings of Denitsa Todorova give an impression of dual meanings, of splendour and peacefulness, while at the same time capturing an unspecified enigma. They are created through a unique process in which she covers the entire surface of the thin paper with a layer of graphite in order to take it off again, thereby revealing the composition in different layers. This meticulous technique draws from sgraffito, a practice commonly known in Eastern Europe, where the roots of the artist lay, but also bears similarities to the process of painting, revealing the artist’s training. Denitsa has exhibited at numerous art fairs and galleries throughout Europe, including Art Rotterdam (2020, 2018), Art on Paper (Brussels, 2019) and the STRABAG Art Foundation (Vienna, 2017). Her work has been recognized with various prizes, including the Recognition Award from STRABAG Art Award International (2017) and the Drawing Prize Ronse (2014 and 2015). She has also been nominated for multiple awards and honours, including the FID drawing prize Paris (2017) and the Art Contest 2016.