Ballroom Gallery

Kaspar Dejong

°1995 in Maastricht, NL, lives and works in Amsterdam

Kaspar Dejong earned his master's degree from the Sandberg Institute in 2021. After completing his BA (minor in Critical Studies) at the Willem De Kooning Academy in 2017, he exhibited his final project "Traffic Gaze" at the DSM Art Collection. His work was recently shown at Art Rotterdam, Ballroom Project Antwerp, Kunsthal Gent and was nominated for the Slijuters Prize 2021. He is currently completing a residency program in Berlin at Raum24. Kaspar Dejong's work is in the semiotic tradition of investigating and exploring signs and symbols as an important part of communication. "I tend to reuse existing images and objects from my everyday environment and deconstruct these objects and images in such a way that their signals lose their meaning and/or their authority and original function is questioned." (Dejong on his work) The themes Dejong addresses spring from a fascination with the obvious, the everyday, and with the small beauties of the world. They are processes in which the ravages of time penetrate a man-made structure or system.