Ballroom Gallery

Benjamin Volckaerts


In his sculptures, Benjamin likes to display abstract and figurative forms. To arrive at these specific forms, he starts with his collected collages and drawings. The forms he takes out of them, he cast in plaster, acrylic one or cement. After this process, Benjamin continues working on the details with ceramics.

These ceramic parts are not fixed to the sculptures but are interchangeable so that the sculptures can be viewed as a kind of 3D collage. The dressing and undressing of the warriors using the separate ceramic parts can only be done smoothly if he has carefully considered all kinds of technical specifications in the choice of his materials.

Benjamin sees his work as a process of sculpturing that's never finished and is always in motion. There is always room to integrate new elements into his works. By working in the form of collages in both 2D and 3D, different style periods are used interchangeably; the Baroque, Mayan culture, Romanesque style, as well as Rococo combined with abstract modern forms.

Ultimately, the sculptures, collages and drawings will confront each other and then it will be decided whether the parts will be exhibited autonomously or as a whole installation