Ballroom Gallery

Nicolas Zanoni

(b. 1995), lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Nicolas Zanoni’s practice is shaped by playing and listening to the materials, focusing mainly on the production process that he sets up. He is using metal as textile in a weaving process, or burning and melting plastic until it looks like marble. His formal language borrows from brutalism and flirts with trashcore, resulting into tactile furnitures.

For this exhibition, Nicolas Zanoni explored the magical and mystical dimension of Charm. As often in his work, he metamorphoses the material. In the same way as a piece of jewelry, aluminum is woven to become a metallic fabric with a scaly texture. He appropriates this metallic surface by flattening it, by compressing it. Therefore he transmutes the aluminum into a material charged with poetry and softness, in its treatment as well as in its final shape. Like a reflection in water, the image that appears in this piece is cloudy and vaporous.