Ballroom Gallery

Michèle Matyn

°1978, lives and works in Antwerp.

Michèle Matyn is originally a photography artist, who has since the start of her career relentlessly tried to break the boundaries of the medium. With her oeuvre spanning such a wide spectrum of materials, from photography to performance and from sculpture to film, she creates universes, rather than singular artworks. Aware of her performing body, she uses it directly to convey performative narratives. Her oeuvre is essentially built around human religious or mythical beliefs founded on an intuitive bond with nature. An exchange, an interaction, a crossroads where people and nature meet: this is at the heart of Matyn’s oeuvre and mind. Informed by myths, folklore, and stories passed on by rituals and oral or visual communication, she creates new ritual performances, radiating a new kind of magical connection, and opening up questions of relations between humans and nature – and of humans between themselves.