Ballroom Gallery

Anaud Eubelen

(b. 1991), lives and works in Liège, Belgium
©Seppe Elewaut

Arnaud Eubelen applies to his practice as a photographer a position necessary for design: the incessant rediscovery of the most banal objects, their visual identity and the elements that compose them. Seeing things that we don't or no longer see, that we forget to really look at because they are blended into the landscape of everyday life or the insignificant, this is what Arnaud Eubelen is working on when he wanders and travels. After having cut out a framework in this continuum, throwing a new eye on the common, the abandoned or the forgotten, he organizes a series of recurrences in which, from one place to an object, from one chosen to another, 'from one image to another, unexpected mimicry appears, forms of involuntary reproduction, coincidences where the relationships of scale and proximity are set aside in favor of a pure outburst of echo.

By grouping together these different example of so-called "non-accessible" space protection devices, this series of images attempts to make an allegory of our own intimate barriers, how we construct them and disguise them. Some seem solid, others dangerous, complicated or even absurd. These system usually used to prevent the escalation of these borders are here represented in a faulty form, weaknesses prompting their own overstepping.