Ballroom Gallery

Opportunities for Lost Chances

18.11.2023 – 20.01.2024


Ballroom Invites is pleased to present "Opportunities for Lost Chances," a group exhibition featuring the fresh perspectives of recently graduated artists from La Cambre Brussels and The Royal Academy in Antwerp. Explore the captivating works of Jan Tromp, Maëlle Lucas-Le Garrec, and Liisa Pöysti.

Jan Tromp (b. 1995, NL): Jan's artistic journey, rooted in fine arts at HKU in Utrecht, culminated with a master's in painting from the Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2023. His work delves into the unintentional traces people leave in their daily lives. Through photography, collages, cut-out paintings, and music, Jan seeks to encapsulate the remarkable aspects of his personal surroundings. Join us in discovering the nuanced layers of Jan Tromp's observations

Maëlle Lucas-Le Garrec (b. 1997, FR): A laureate of the Prix des Amis de la Cambre, Maëlle graduated in 2023 from La Cambre, where she studied drawing. Her artistic practice effortlessly traverses drawing, engraving, and sculpture, utilizing materials such as wood, stone, and found objects. Maëlle's work invites you to witness the harmonious dialogue between various mediums and explore the intricacies of her artistic expression.

Liisa Pöysti (b.2000, FI): is a Finnish painter, who received a master’s degree in painting from the Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2023. The sketchbook acts as a starting point for their work, where they create imaginary drawings and paintings guided by the subconscious