Denitsa Todorova

23.04 - 18.06 Denitsa Todorova works almost exclusively with graphite on paper. Her method could be called quasi-sculptural: after she has completely blackened the paper with graphite, she reveals a composition (usually based on a photo) by removing the graphite in very precisely defined places. The whole process is time-consuming, intensive and not all too different from a sculptor who distills a shape by cutting away marble or wood. Due to the high degree of abstraction, it is tempting to think that her images are created almost effortlessly, as a result of intuitive artistic gestures, but in reality, Todorova leaves relatively little to coincidence. In her abstract drawings Todorova strives for a certain isolation of the viewer – a reduction of sensory stimuli in favour of a pure confrontation with the imagination. She compares it to staring into the sun for too long: you see black and colourful spots, distortions; shapes and images become more difficult to distinguish in a kind of dizzying mirage.