Ballroom Gallery

Nadia Naveau

In her studio, Nadia Naveau often collects and finds fragments, small items or parts of objects; elements of unfinished thoughts. She brings them together into three-dimensional collages. It is her way of thinking: with memory, association and play. Clay is her main material: she uses it to sketch ideas, which may or may not be given a more 'final' elaboration. She often plays with the perception of materials, something rarely really is what we think we see. In terms of content, Naveau finds crossovers between art historical influences and pop culture (she makes references to figures from Greek mythology, the Baroque and presentations in archaeological museums, but also to The Simpsons and Disney).

Naveau distances herself from an academic method (the strictly defined sequence of ideas, drawn sketches and sculpted and glazed final results). The artist's liberation occurs at the breaking point of conformity and finding a method all of one’s own. During the creation process, the clay often takes the lead: the image itself will evoke certain associations or coincidences.